Golders Hill Park Sessions

Sessions for EYFS  KS1  KS2

Nature Spies
Learn how to be a nature spy in a sensory exploration ideally suited for younger pupils

The Plant Detectives
Inspector Broadbean will lead his or her detectives on a journey through Golders Hill Park to solve the mystery of plant life

Heath Safari
Discover a variety of animals and plants on land and in water with pond dipping and mini-beast activities

The Really Terrible Explorers
A group of explorers have got lost! Learn how to use maps to find your way to them!

Birds and Beaks
An excellent introduction to birds and adaptation, offering pupils the chance to explore using binoculars.

Arty Adventure
Explore nature through art and make sculptures with natural materials

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  Price per student
Half day (2 hours) Full Day (4 hours)
Camden and Barnet state schools £2 £4
Out of borough state schools £2.50 £5
Independent schools £3.50 £7