Our project

We are a three year community project helping local people to explore Hampstead Heath and connect with its amazing wildlife!

We want our Heath to continue to reflect the communities around us and get our visitors to connect with nature  during our project, and into the future!

Our project is setting up for the future:

More for people – more opportunities for people by joining our volunteering team or applying to become an Education Trainee.

More for schools  – a tailored programme just for pupils and families at our four ‘Heath Friendly Schools’, alongside more education sessions at the new Glassroom Classroom!

More for wildlife  – more homes for nature on the Heath with our new Kingfisher bank and Wildflower Meadows

More on the Heath – wildlife tricycles, nature activities and annual community festivals on the Heath, as well as activities that bring the Heath to our local communities.

Why are we running this project?

We are wild about the Heath because of its amazing wildlife!  But our visitors don’t always discover it when they are here.  So, we need to help them explore nature!

And that is important because nature is in trouble! 60 per cent of the species have declined over recent decades and more than one in ten are under threat of disappearing from our shores altogether! With public support we can turn the fortunes of nature around.  But we don’t love and protect what we don’t know – so our project is helping more people to connect with and love nature!

The Heath is in the heart of our city within easy reach of millions of people.  But lots of local people, particularly from the communities at the South of the Heath, don’t see it as their back garden – we want to encourage them to!